Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Finally Something Better: Fujifilm XPRO3

Finally Something Better: Fujifilm XPRO3
October 2019, Carl Garrard

I'll keep this short. Bravo to Fujifilm for being brave enough to make a camera like this. The camera market has changed and they know it. It was time to also court photographers with products that are more specific to certain types of photography, but most importantly products that encourage photographers to get back to the fundamentals. The market has long been flooded with cameras (cough mirrorless/DSLR's) that all do the exact same thing. Hiding the main screen without eliminating it is a gentle reminder to keep your eye to the finder.

Pre-order here: Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera - Dura Black (Body Only)

From left to right: Durablack Ti, Black Ti, Durasilver Ti.  XPRO "Three" Indeed.

I refuse to go into specs. There obviously have been tech improvements over the last model, but we all know it's going to be plenty full of tech to make great pictures. You can check out Fujifilm's website if you want all that. What's more important than specs is the shooting experience, and soon enough I'm sure I'll have my hands on one. By then, the internet will have been long flooded with sensational click-bait opinion (ad nauseum) about this camera from those who didn't take their time with the camera properly.

My initial take on this camera? Brilliant and brave.

Very familiar looking to the XPRO2 in terms of its overall shape, size, etc. It's the anti-Leica M if you ask me. Leica supremely failed with the "fake re-cock lever" M10-D, but Fujifilm have not with the X-PRO3. They could have gone as far as not including a main hidden LCD at all. The small screen below is all I really would want or need.

Two screens, flip it down and you can see a full size screen. But why would you want to do that? Don't we look at screens enough? Try taking a break. Use your skills, concentrate on composition. Let go of instant gratification and self doubt, stop looking at the screen. You can do it, and you'll become a better photographer if you do.

If you can't wait about more technical details about the XPRO3, I'd suggest stopping over at one of my favorite websites, Imaging Resource. Mike Tomkins has put together a lovely detailed write up about it that isn't click-bait unlike other sites I won't mention that have multiple articles about this camera up on the same day.

Stay focused.