Sunday, December 8, 2019

Ricoh Bring Gunmetal Back!

Ricoh Bring Gunmetal Back!
December 2019, Carl Garrard

Ricoh's Pentax branded Prestige Edition Gun Metal K3 is arguably the best special edition color ever, for any camera or any manufacturer. In the days when everything counts to sell a camera, manufacturers need to pay attention to the reaction from its' photographers more than ever. I don't think I saw a single comment on the net that wasn't full blast in support for this limited edition color. Ricoh, please make your new upcoming DSLR for next year in this fine Gun Metal color. Why we haven't seen more cameras with a color like this is beyond me, but at least Fujifilm did it with the XPRO 2 (or as similar color). Only 2,000 units were produced in this color world wide. Are you one of the lucky owners of this K3? I say more of this color, what say you? 

 Just look at that gorgeous looking camera. Its looks really speak for themselves. Tired of black or silver? Me too.  More prestige please!

Stay focused.


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