Sunday, October 4, 2020

Zeiss ZX1: Pre Order Alert (Can it be?!)

Zeiss ZX1: Pre Order Alert (Can it be?!)

October 2020, Carl Garrard

October starts off with some spooky news. It appears as though BHPhoto has sent out pre order available emails on October 4th 2020 to those interested in the Zeiss ZX1- a prototype camera Zeiss unveiled in 2018 that was nearly forgotten. I myself received an email from BHPhoto early this morning. The camera is listed for $6,000.00 on pre-order and according to BHPhoto, should be available soon. To my knowledge it is not available for pre-order on other sites just yet (I did some checking around).  So I'm not entirely sure what BHPhoto are up to here, or, if they know something the rest of the industry hasn't caught up on yet. In case you doubt my sincerity, here is a screen shot from BHPhoto's site, as well as a direct link to the page where you can actually pre-order the Zeiss ZX1. (click on read more)

*Updated on 10/06/2020: Two days after I was the first to report this news (DPReview followed after me), BHPhoto have since changed the Preorder bar you see below to "notify when available". So they are no longer taking preorders, but now notifying customers instead when it becomes available for purchase.*


This is the first time I've seen full specs or a price listed for this camera ever. Honestly I gave up on Zeiss ever coming out with it at all. Two and a half years is a long delay from announcing a working prototype to it actually being available for pre-order. I'll remain skeptical of its release until Zeiss do a formal announcement of it's availability, but wanted to share the news regardless. Maybe it will actually happen? It's hard to say. The price is in line with what I figured it would cost back when Zeiss initially came out with the news.

I'll report more as I become aware of anything  new.

-Carl Garrard

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